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5 Best Online Gambling Payment Providers In Nz

NZ’s Best Online Gambling Payment Providers

There’s no such thing as the perfect online gambling payment provider. It all depends on what you’re looking for – which is why every site we review offers multiple trusted providers to choose from, giving you more options than ever before! Below, take a look at some of our favorite e-wallet services that can be used in any country and across many different games:

Skrill (previously Moneybookers) has been around since 2001 but it wasn’t until 2013 when they rebranded themselves into Skrill (now powered by Paysafecard), where they now offer instant money transfers via credit card or debit card without additional fees being taken out like with PayPal. They are also safer because your bank account details stay private between


MasterCard is a popular online gambling credit card. It’s quick, convenient and widely accepted as the best payment option for New Zealand gamblers. With MasterCard all you need to do is choose your preferred deposit amount from one of their many supported games’ cashier interface, enter in some personal details correctly then confirm before clicking ‘Confirm’.

Your banking experience just got a whole lot easier. You can now save your information for future transactions and the system will automatically populate it with AutoFill to make this process even faster. Your bank account has never been more secure or convenient!

This update makes life so much simpler when you need that quick transaction done on the fly – no one wants to waste time filling out all of their personal details every single time, after all!


In the past, credit cards were considered to be on par with MasterCard and Visa. Nowadays they are one of the best online gambling payment providers because their technology is top notch. They’re also popular for many other reasons like being a safe way to make transactions in general (and not just at casinos) as well as providing an opportunity for customers who want that “no-fuss” type of service experience without having physical access to cash or cheques. However, there’s always some risk involved when it comes time to make any kind of transaction so you should only use your card if you have funds available – but don’t worry too much about this since fraud rates from these types of companies continue going down year after year!


If you have been considering playing at an online casino, here is your chance to enjoy problem gamblers in gambling venues final report 2007.pdf”>the convenience and low banking fees that Visa offers. The risks of theft or fraud are nearly nonexistent with their improved security measures.


PayPal is an easy and fast way to deposit funds into your online casino account. Once you have set up a PayPal account, connecting it with any of the major banks in Canada will allow for instant access to your money without involving credit cards or other banking institutions that may come at costly fees . You can also withdraw from your eWallet quickly by accessing PayPal’s website using virtually any internet-enabled device!

By using PayPal’s two-step system, you can deposit and withdraw money from your favorite casino conveniently without the pain of filling out endless forms. The first step is to make a transfer either into or out of your account at one time; this takes just an instant! When it comes time for withdrawal, all you have to do is follow that same simple process in reverse.


Paysafecard is a fantastic online casino deposit system, with one minor drawback. The total anonymity it offers means that deposits are irrefutably secure and players can enjoy peace of mind knowing their personal information will not get compromised while playing in the games at an internet-based casino. But if you want to withdraw any winnings or credits earned from your play time at this specific site then you’ll have to find another way besides Paysafe Cards because they cannot be used for withdrawals. To use them all you need is enter the unique PINs on cashier interface which will allow instant access into your funds so start stocking up now!

You can deposit up to ten cards at once, or you may choose to leave some on your account and use it later.


Bitcoin is a new payment option for online gambling, and it‘s quickly becoming the best. Bitcoin deposits are processed immediately, while your details remain private – only an email address will be shared with any site that you use this money on. Make sure to choose a respected real-money gaming website when using bitcoin as currency; we’ve listed some of our favorites here.<