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Big Top

Big Top Online Pokies Review

With a lion tamer and ringmaster, you’d expect nothing less than the biggest show in town! The circus theme of Microgaming’s Big Top pokies will have your heart racing with high-stakes excitement. Your performance is rewarded through nine lines for great payouts with Wilds and Scatters symbols that can maximize every spin. You don’t want to miss out on this online casino game because it offers fun graphics, sound effects, five reels–and up to $10 million jackpots!

Circus Themed Online Pokies Action

If you want to PLAY BIG TOP, all you have to do is select the number of paylines and size your bet with our easy-to-use buttons. You can activate lines by pressing Plus or Minus until they are in a configuration that suits your needs. When ready, press Spin! If for some reason this game doesn’t suit your fancy – just use AutoPlay so we will spin it automatically every time there’s an outcome on the screen!

AutoPlay is the best thing since sliced bread. Whether you’re an expert or just starting out, AutoPlay will make your gaming experience that much easier and more exciting! With a variety of stop settings so any player can find what they need to play their way, this online pokies game interface makes getting started as easy as pie (and delicious too).

Circus-Themed Reel Symbols

The Big Top online pokies circus is run by animals and staffed mostly by animals, but there are a few humans in the mix. You’ll see the lion ringleader, an elephant on a tricycle – don’t worry it’s not dangerous! There’s also a seal performing with ball that you might want to cheer for as they’re about to enter their act…a purple-collared monkey can be seen swinging from tree branch after tree branch across five reels. Are these entertainers or acrobats? It doesn’t matter because both will get your adrenaline pumping so much that all bets are off when spinning those symbols like the clown Wild symbol which pays out 10x your bet if 3 of them show up simultaneously at any

The scatter symbol is the only wild or joker in this game. It can appear anywhere on reels to trigger a win, not just along active paylines.

The scatter symbol is crucial because it cannot be locked down by any specific pattern like other symbols are and instead appears randomly all over the reel for you to get lucky with!

Scatter and Wild Symbols

The monkey wearing a purple collar is the Big Top Scatter symbol. When this one pays out, you win even if it’s anywhere on the reels and not just in specific positions like all other symbols! This means that three to five of these will give huge payouts for any combination they’re part of including their own right-hand man; The Clown Wild Symbol (if he’s able to substitute for anything but his scatter).