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Boom Pirates Online Pokies Review Explore The Virtual Waters!

Boom Pirates: It’s Filled with Adventure

For those who enjoy the thrill of playing online pokies, Microgaming has created some incredible titles to suit any taste. From pirates and zombies to love-struck couples looking for their happily ever afters, there is something available that will satisfy every player’s needs!

The world of video games does not lack in pirate themed options; we have Jack Sparrow from “Pirates Of The Caribbean” up against Blackbeard himself (from historical records). We also find our favorite characters like Captain Hook or Long John Silver being tossed about on an endless sea as they try desperately to grab hold of gold coins while avoiding a watery grave at the hands of Davy Jones’ crew.

The latest addition to the creator’s catalogue, Boom Pirates is an amazing game that offers a new and exciting theme with cross-compatibility. Intrigued? Keep reading for more!

The newest release from your favorite creators has arrived in town! It features beautiful graphics, compatibility across multiple devices/platforms (PC laptop, mobile tablet), flexible bet size options and much more. The main character of this adventure will set sail on her ship where you‘ll find interesting characters as well as fierce battles awaiting around every corner just waiting to be conquered by players like you .

Set your Screen Alight with Exotic Symbols

Traditional online pokies usually consist of 3 to 5 reels and about 10 to 20 paylines. However, Boom Pirates does not follow this mechanic. Instead, it offers a ways-to-win feature that can extend from a 5×4 base size up until 9×6 (9 reels with 6 rows). The low value playing cards include Ten Jack Queen King Ace while the high valued icons are made up by Mary who is seen as the captain Ben also known as “The Tattooed Pirate” wearing an eye patch together with red green feathered Parrot Cannon Barrel

You can show your dedication to Mary by winning her symbols on the payline! Collect 9 of them and you’ll win 2500x what you bet. Payouts are determined by multiplying the number of symbols that form a successful combination, so make sure to keep up with how many credits it costs for each spin before placing your stake. You have seen everything from 0.2 per line all the way up to 500 at once – just be aware that bigger stakes require more time in order for odds equality between players who place smaller bets when they play games like this one!

9 Reels, 6 Rows and Epic Features

The Boom Pirates online pokies game is a 1024-way to win machine with gorgeous graphics and captivating features. Wonderways™ allows it to expand from 1024 ways-to-win, up to 10 077 696 pay ways! The Win Calculation feature multiplies your award by the number of symbols that formed part of the winning combination–so you can get huge prizes in an instant! Get ten Free Spins when activating Buy bonus mode for even more fun.

This game is a lot of fun, and the stakes are only going to get higher. You can choose from various bonuses in order to make your cash go farther, but be careful because activating some features will cost you more than just money! The Foxify™ bonus increases your stake during base games by 50% which means that every time you lose one coin on either side of the bet it’ll increase back up again (the Boom Pirates feature also improves this). If things seem too easy for you then activate Free Spins – if luck shines upon our protagonist they could win free spins where their bets turn into big payouts

Land three Scatters on the first, third and fifth reels to score ten free spins. Mary will then swing onto your screen in an attempt to create a five-of-a kind win!

Explore Boom Pirates at an Online Casino of Your Choice

Boom Pirates has been waiting for you to board their ship. The crew is friendly, the food is delicious, and there are plenty of treasures to plunder!

Boom pirates doesn’t just want your money–they want you too! Fill out this form now so that we can send a boat over right away: