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Carnaval Pokies

Carnaval Online Pokies Review

The Rio Carnival is one of the world’s most popular festivals and this fun online pokies game captures all that buzz. The Carnaval gives you a taste for Brazil with 5 reels, 5 paylines, wild symbols to create more excitement in those big wins!

Enjoy Microgaming Quality

Carnaval is one of the most popular Microgaming games, and it‘s easy to see why. The design captures the party atmosphere perfectly with bright colors and a funky soundtrack that really gets you pumped up for some online pokies action! Each spin has an interface layout tailored specifically to your needs so beginners can find their way around easily while more experienced players will appreciate how simple everything is made on this game.

The all-important spin button can be found on the Carnaval pokie game, along with a function for Autoplay which allows players to set their online casino games to play themselves. This is ideal for busy people who might otherwise miss out on any winning opportunities if they were not playing manually.

Carnaval on the Reels

The Carnaval reels feature a colourful cascade of themed symbols, as well as those borrowed from playing cards. The higher-value and bonus symbols are themed – including banners, clowns, costumed dancers with trumpets in hand; these will bring you joy when they show up on the screen! Joining them is Wild symbol that can transform into any other icon to create winning combinations for players‘ benefit. Finally there’s Scatter symbol which counts no matter how many times it appears across the five reel slots during game play

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Wonderful Wild Symbol

The Wild symbol is a versatile and powerful icon in Carnaval because it can substitute for all of the symbols that have lesser values. For instance, if you were playing with three or more blueberry icons on your reel slots without any other higher-value fruit to complete successful combinations, then substituting in a wild would certainly do the trick!

Scatter Symbols Pay Anywhere

The Scatter is another Carnaval online pokies reel symbol that could make a difference to your game. This symbol does not need to appear on active paylines, so if three or more appear anywhere on the reels you are rewarded with a payout! The scatter can be exceptionally rewarding and its certainly one of those symbols we keep an eye out for as it appears every now and again giving our winnings some much-needed boost. Offering action and excitement galore, Carnaval can also be enjoyed at top New Zealand casino sites where all players have access to this exciting title – indulge in the exhilaration of carnival life by spinning away today!

The scatter is another important character during play; when 3 or more