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Astronomical Pokies

Astronomical pokies is a micro gaming company that has produced a wide range of pokies machines. Originally operated by lever on the side arm or a button, pokies are the most popular gambling machines used in the casinos bringing up to 70 of the a percent average income in casinos. Microgaming made it easier to people to play due to the new graphics, side wagers and licensed themes. Made with a retro pokies play mind, but still with the old traditional look pokies never changed a lot since the same old side arm lever that brings memories to the old folks’ good old days.

Pokies look starry galaxy in the background and have bright lumo coloured symbols within a payout table such as single balls, cherries and blackjacks. This allows auto play when someone inserts the maximum size of coins- 25 cents and 3 coins being the maximum. This allows the player to get many chances of winning from the start of the game. A player knows that he or she has won when reels of three stop spinning and stand still with all the three reels looking the same e.g. single balls and cherries. Supernovas payouts three Triple Bars fill player’s pockets up to 300 coins if three appear on pay line.

Pokies bring psychological benefits to the player while playing. Calculation and strategy puts the players’ mind at ease and providing a mental message to the brain that clearly they are no troubles outside. This brings us to the surface with the beliefs of fate and luck. Emotions go up and down because this is the most random game played with high hopes of winning. Pokies machines teach the brain to associate with sounds and flashing lights that is displayed when a player wins. The pleasure is much stronger than if it could be predicted.