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Chi Online Pokies Game

Some people think of Zen, some might see a calm and tranquil scene where everything is in order. But for ELK Studios’ Chi game it’s all about the balance between life’s positive energy and its negative counterpart that determines whether or not you’ll be lucky enough to win big at online pokies with this title from them. Thousands upon thousands of titles exist when it comes to these games but few are as unique as this one which flips traditional play on its head by turning your screen upside down so that players can experience an entirely new playing field! And while China may seem like worlds away if you’re looking for answers here there are plenty who believe something just feels different because what they call “chi” – referring to the balance between

One possible reason for the popularity of virtual machines is their beautiful design. The options to win up to 12,500 times your bet are also a huge draw.

Serene Setting & Symbols

This game is one of the most popular games in Asia and features a Chinese theme, complete with koi fish, lotus flowers, lanterns…and 27 paylines.

You’ll find two points of intrigue and otherworldly fun in this online pokies game. The first is a bonus symbol that can double your winnings, the second are special symbols with fire and wind spirits that will grant you free spins when appearing on reels. Keep an eye out for them to appear!

Perfect Balance of Features

Chi offers a Wild symbol, which substitutes for any other symbol (except Bonus and Free Spins) to create winning combinations. In turn, when 3 or more symbols appear on the screen during free spins rounds they will trigger 10-, 15- and 20-(x2), respectively. And cross your fingers for either of the stone sculptures at opposite ends of this video slot machine game’s reels to have their respective blue or red panels lined up as that will prompt Chi and Mow to appear with rewards ranging from 1-6 wilds while multipliers hover around 2 -5 x depending on what panel is aligned with them!

Should they appear during the Free Spins round, Chi will remain sticky throughout and Mow will increase in value per successive win. This brings us to the online and mobile pokies game’s most sought-after feature: Stairway to Fortune – triggered when 3 Bonus symbols appear on the reels. During this bonus game, a player can send their chosen character (chi or mow) up a staircase with stairs consisting of numbers ranging from 1 through 6 as he climbs towards fortune at top where there are multipliers waiting for him! Should chi draw ‘collect’ before reaching one of these multiples then that is what his final multiplier number would be after taking it all way back down again while mowing could

The journey is just beginning! Upon completion, the player can expect to be rewarded with a fortune like no other. Playing at Fortune Reels has some of the highest multipliers possible in any pokies game so it’s not surprising that this section will keep players entertained for hours on end.

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Play Chi at Cadabrus Casino

Chi, an ELK Studio creation and one of the many online games available at Cadabrus Casino. The casino’s vast assortment includes everything from mobile pokies to table-top favorites like blackjack and keno. And with excellent security, banking options that suit all budgets, and a friendly support staff always ready to help you out – it’s no wonder so many New Zealanders have chosen this gaming destination as their go-to place for endless entertainment!