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Cloud Quest Online Video Pokies Review

Cloud Quest Online Video Pokies

Play’n Go has delivered one of the coolest casino games to come out in recent times. Their newest game, Cloud Quest Online Video Pokies is sleek and innovative with great graphics and sounds that take advantage of today’s video pokie technology. The superhero theme, high up on a floating island makes for an intriguing adventure!

Alien beings also account for the characters that have assembled on the reels of this video pokies game which combines elements of fantasy and sci-fi to create something brand new. And you’ll feel like a part of it with all your favorite friends! This exciting Play ‘n Go title is ready to receive your company right now at Leo Vegas Casino

Start the Quest at Leo Vegas

If you’re ready to enter the high-tech world of Cloud Quest Online Video Pokies, then what better place to become acquainted with the game than at Leo Vegas? Play’n Go is one of many software suppliers responsible for creating incredible collections like those found in Leo Vegas. With a supply chain that reads like almost every big name producer out there, this online casino offers games such as pokies and table games which can be played on their website or downloaded onto your desktop right now!

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Playing Cloud Quest

With five reels, 5 rows and 10 paylines to showcase its intricate world of the future Cloud Quest Online Video Pokies offers a captivating experience. The game’s graphics are exquisite with finely detailed artwork filling it all in while many different gadgets and aliens fill up their bonus features including three main characters that stand beside the cascading reel images like Tetris from the 1980s. You can see spell books, potions, swords as well as shields amongst other interesting things on screen like an array of eerie plants or pages turning into smoke amidst these animations playing out at lightning speed which offer players plenty ways for possible wins along this journey through futuristic video slots!

Cloud Quest Online Video Pokies is one tough cookie when you take your time exploring

The design of the reels has a sleek and sophisticated feel. The backdrop is set in front on an urban cityscape with trees, traffic lights, skyscrapers- all of which create a unique atmosphere that sets this game apart from other games like it. One thing to remember about Eagle’s Wings Pokies is the Super Power Respins feature! This will trigger when ever you get three power stones or more during your spins. After triggering these respins you’ll have up to five free rounds where any winnings are multiplied by ten times for each additional spin after those first 5! It’s always important not only look out for combinations but also what symbols can be used as wilds because they can help form even bigger combos than already exist within the

Super Power Respins

If you find three, four or five power stones in a row the meter will fill up one section. When this happens there’s an opportunity to get more points and have a chance at getting something extra like earning multipliers for your current combo of spells!

The way that matching 3, 4 or 5 powerstones on the board works is by filling it with light which makes it possible to make combos easier- sometimes even enabling bonus features as well. If you match these lines consecutively then expect not only better scores but also rewards along the way too!

The Bonus Game

The way in which the bonus game gets triggered is quite different from conventional online video pokies games. You’ll note that behind the horizontal parts of the reels, a word ‘bonus’ will form on screen as it lights up with an electric neon blue light. If you clear out all five rows where this letter lies by forming winning combinations- then both your wild cards and multiplier features get activated for free! In these battles, one player has to choose between three heroes who are each battling against their own unique alien creature while spinning down row after row until they reach zero spins left or have defeated every other fighter at once’s health bar falls to nothing but reds: whichever comes first.

The sky is your limit as you destroy aliens and monsters that threaten the world! You’ll never run out of targets because they constantly spawn. With each level up, you can keep moving to higher levels with bigger rewards waiting for when you reach Titan – but be careful not to get hit by a projectile or alien attack – if so, it’s game over!

Our Verdict

Cloud Quest is out of this world! This innovative pokies machine has everything you need for a sense of adventure. New age superheroes, an island in the sky, aliens with Sci-Fi weaponry – what’s not to love? Give yourself some new adventures and check it out today!

The Cloud Quest pokie is like a magical time-machine, taking us back to the days of arcade machines and giving high returns that would make an arcade machine jealous. Play this game if you want something different from all those other titles out there.