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Crazy 80s Online Pokies

Crazy 80s Online Video Pokies

The 1980s was a decade of outrageous fashions, the emergence of electronic music with hip hop and definitive films. It’s also when technology truly made its mark on society by leading to high tech gadgets we carry around today

The 80s are back and with a vengeance! Take the trip of your life down memory lane while you relive some iconic moments from this decade and win big. Play Crazy 8’s Online Video Pokies now to take advantage of our up to 5,000 coin bonuses that we‘re giving out just for playing today

If you’re in need of an escape then look no further than what is sure to be one helluva time at the game called “Crazy Eight’s Online Video Poker Slot Machine Game” – where memories come alive as much as coins which can go all the way up till 5000 depending on how lucky (or unlucky) you get when rolling those dice…

Playing Crazy 80s

This game is a blast from the past, with its bright colors and loud sounds reminiscent of that kitsch era to entertain Kiwi players for hours on end. Set against an 80s soundtrack straight out of Flashdance, this pokies game comes with Wilds and Scatters which will help you win big! You’ll hark back to your Commodore 64 days while playing in nostalgia as it envelopes all around itself like cheese–this vintage-themed pokies title.

In the 1980s, aviator sunglasses were a symbol of style. To honor this time period in history, Crazy Piles Pokies has created an online pokies game with Rubik cubes and audio cassettes as artwork for their reels. The neon pokies colour scheme is carried across to create a new era of crazy colours that will remind you all too much about your old Walkman or Gameboy! Wild Boom Box and Long Gym Socks Scatter are just some iconic symbols which help you get closer to 5 000 coins worth waiting on offer– both icons have something from technology (Boom box) and fashion (Long socks).

The Boom box, the original party starter and breakdancing companion, will substitute for all other symbols in this pokies game to help build lucrative combinations while the height of women’s gym fashion-the long sock-will multiply your total credits wagered. The Wild will not replace the Scatter but this is a simply formality; although there are no additional bonus features besides these two special symbols, you have plenty of chances at winning big!

Crazy 80s Online Pokies is a simple pokie game that still manages to be fun and engaging. It has 5 reels with 9 paylines, making it one of the simpler Microgaming video slots out there. Just don’t expect any complicated features or bonus games – this retro-themed slot machine is an easy go for beginners and experts alike!