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Detailed Eggomatic Video Pokies Review

EggOmatic Video Pokies Review

Visit an egg factory with a difference in NetEnt’s innovative EggOmatic video pokies game! In this Kiwi casino game you’ll be introduced to a rooster who’s discovered how to increase egg production, and is relying on the EggOmatic machine to lay eggs more than his chickens. This 5 reel, 20 payline online pokies game is completely unique giving players new ways of enjoying spinning reels while having fun and winning big from time-to-time too. Additionally it offers nonstop entertainment as well as all sorts of action that doesn’t let up for one moment throughout your gaming experience.

Innovative Online Pokies

EggOmatic video pokies are beautiful and the 3D graphics make this Kiwi casino game a pleasure to play. The transparent reels have mechanical parts that move with sparks shooting off at random, while lightning illustrates winning paylines. Atop each egg laid on the conveyor belt is an assortment of clucky characters including water chick, junior rooster, hen & smart chick; as well as fancy roosters like crowing cockatoo or snooty purple peacock bird!

Winning with EggOmatic Wilds

If you are looking for a game with generous rewards, this pokies title has just the thing. With every spin of these reels an egg releases from in front of your eyes and if a successful combination is lined up below it, then that egg will fall to reveal what’s inside! If Wild Rooster happens to appear on one reel when an egg falls into its hands then all other symbols become wild which means any symbol could trigger potential big wins. This New Zealand slot also features Spreading Wilds meaning diagonal or adjacent symbols can turn wild potentially resulting in very lucrative outcomes so get spinning today at

Big Online Pokies Rewards

Free Spins eggs will trigger the bonus feature where a minimum of 7 and maximum 50 free spins are awarded. With every spin another egg is placed on the reels, rewarding players with even more free spins, a cash prize or spreading wilds – which cracks open to reveal one (or three) out of 3 possible prizes: A coin win means you can claim up to 125x your initial stake!

Have an Eggstatic Time at our Casinos!

You’ll have an eggstatic and ecstatic time when you play EggOmatic Online Video Pokies at one of our NetEnt Powered casinos. One of our most popular online betting establishments is Betsson, which not only gives you some of the best NetEnt casino games but also offers a sportsbook that can be accessed on your PC or smartphone with ease. You may want to join up if it sounds like this establishment has lots for everyone in terms bets!