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Dj Wild Online Pokies Review

DJ Wild Online Pokies

You can imagine yourself as the next big DJ in this game with its funky and vibrant graphics. ELK Studios has created a truly unique online pokie by combining images of music machines with stylised fruit symbols, all accompanied by a synthesized background beat. The best part about it is that you don’t need to be an international DJ or tour around playing at huge clubs because ELK’s DJ Wild makes you feel like your on stage rippin’ up those decks while winning BIG!

Rip Up The Decks and Win Big

DJ Wild has a reel setup that encompasses the entire screen. The betting options button and info button are superimposed onto the reels – so you get full-on reel action, while still being able to see other parts of your game! DJ Wild offers 5 spinning reels with 20 fixed paylines. There’s actually 10 paylines which would usually be taken up by information buttons; however these remain on top of slots in this case because they’re necessary for gameplay (and form part of it!).

Choose 1 of 4 Betting Strategies

One of the most interesting features in DJ Wild is your ability to choose a bet strategy. There are 4 options from which you can select, each with its own unique function. The first option is Optimizer: With this tactic, your betting level will increase or decrease based on how much money you have in reserve- so if they’re low and it’s been awhile since their last win; that means more risk! You may also want to try Leveller where every 5 consecutive wins results in an increased wager by one tier for maximum profit potential (and loss!). Another technique is Booster mode where bets get raised after nonwinning spins up till maxing out at four times what was wagered before resetting again upon winning back some funds–so

“The Dead Man’s Hand is a variation of the Booster, where you raise after every win up to 4 times. When you go bust, it resets back down until your next bet.”

High Paying Pokies Symbols

Spin the slot machine to win big by betting strategically and keeping an eye out for those high-paying symbols!

Expanding Wild Symbols

The DJ Wild is the main and only wild symbol in this game. It can substitute or replace any of the other symbols to form a winning combination, but it also has an added bonus: every time you get five on your screen with no more than two being different (meaning that three are logos), they will be reset giving you another chance at victory!

Re-Spins and Jackpot Wilds

DJ Wild takes the idea of a wild and expands it, creating an added twist to your game. The DJ Wild will expand horizontally across 2 or 3 rows, giving you another chance on re-spins if more symbols are created in that area. If you manage to cover up all three lines with these expanding wilds then there is potential for 50 000 coins! You can enjoy this risk/reward system at its best when spinning away at Vera&John NZ online gaming site today!