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Dr Love

Doctor Love Online Video Pokies

The Doctor is in and he’s ready to examine, prod and poke his way to massive rewards! What will you find when playing Dr. Love? Funky graphics, great animations and sounds all await with the chance for a big reward as well – if not from the doctor himself then at least through some of Microgaming’s other titles like Tattslotto or Mr. Vegas Casino Slots Online who are also just waiting around town hoping someone has their address handy…

The Doctor is in — it looks like we might be getting sick soon so make sure you stop by before your symptoms get worse (just kidding)! But really: have no fear because here comes Dr. Love-all dressed up with funky features that only an innovative

Doctor Love is one doctor whose office you will never want to leave.

Doctor Love’s giggle as he greets each patient at his door makes everyone feel appreciated, even if they are just sitting in the waiting room for minutes before being called back. He always takes a moment during your exam and asks about how things have been going recently, so it feels like more of a conversation than an appointment with any other physician we’ve seen!

Why Play Doctor Love?

Doctor Love Online Video Slots is packed with plenty of fun features for all players. Doctor Love has up to 20 paylines and 5 reels full of exciting prizes waiting just around the corner! With a focus on females, this game also welcomes male gamers who are looking for an entertaining time in online pokies games category. Give it a try today!

On the reels you’ll find an assortment of themed pokies symbols including a mother, sexy nurse with stethoscope in one hand and clipboard on other arm, hospital bin for discarded items like crutches or flowers that are sent to patients. The teddy bear is always there as well!

Healthy Online Pokies Bonuses

Doctor Love is the scatters symbol and will substitute all other symbols to create multiple reward possibilities. The only symbol Doctor love has no effect on is the scatter. If you land 3 or more of these, you can receive up to 20 free spins with a gamble feature for those who want fast wins!

If you’re feeling lucky, and dare to gamble a little bit more than usual on your poker game at the casino this weekend then we have good news! If you correctly guess both colour AND suit of an opponents playing card (poker) that is being thrown in front of them by flipping it over with your own played cards – or if they are revealed when someone else flips their deck face up – not only will there be double prizes for guessing right but assuming no one guesses wrong as well, quadruple winnings. Keep in mind though, these stakes can get pretty high depending on how many people guessed incorrectly too… so don’t go overboard trying to play all those extra rounds just because YOU happened to make a couple winning bets already 🙂

Where to Play Doctor Love

JackpotCity and Gaming Club are excellent online casinos to play Doctor Love Online Video Pokies at. You can receive up to NZ $1,600 in bonus credit from Jackpot City if you’ve never played there before or get up to NZ$350 for your first time with Gaming Club! Play now through this exciting Microgaming title today!

Johnny loves gambling, but he can never bring himself to go all in when it comes to his money. He’s always too scared that the gamble won’t pay off for him and so takes a more conservative approach by only playing with what he has on hand. Johnny does enjoy these two casinos though because they offer various benefits such as regular promotional campaigns, loyalty reward programs and exclusive VIP rewards which give you some security if your bet doesn’t work out like planned.

I must admit I‘m not much of a gambler myself – at least not anymore! Gambling was fun back in college where we would play poker every night from Friday through Sunday morning until one or both of us lost our entire bankrolls (haha). One thing about those