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Emperor Of The Sea Video Pokies Review

Emperor of the Sea Online Pokies Review

Environmental factors like the high seas, historical attributes of Chinese culture and just enough cool additions to make it all lucrative and worthwhile – this is what you’ll get when playing Microgaming’s newly released Emperor of the Sea Online Pokies game. One thing that makes a Microgamings pokie game great are their consistent quality – they might rest on their laurels sometimes in terms with applying established patterns, norms and signature moves but at least your guaranteed something good. You might not always be surprised or even feel like anything significantly new has been added but at least its never below standard or subpar which can’t be said for many games out there so give these guys a try!

Microgaming is a company that has been making games for the web since 1997. They are known to be one of the oldest and most trusted makers out there, which makes their Emperor of The Sea game all the more enticing. It’s simple, meaning you can easily follow along with what’s happening on your screen without any trouble at all; it looks good too so watching won’t feel like work either! And if we’re being honest here…we’ll admit: winning feels pretty darn great!

Microgaming began in 1997 when they made casino-style video slots for internet browsers (that was before iPhones were even an idea!). Today these same kinds of slot machines exist across many platforms including desktop computers, smartphones and tablets as well as

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Playing Emperor of the Sea

Now it needs to be said that even though this is not the most ambitious game to date from Microgaming, there are a few features in which it excels. One of these includes an increased chance for winning by being able choose between 38, 68 or 88 paylines when playing. This change up in reel system gives players more options and will surely impress all you New Zealand-based pokie lovers out there.

The top jackpot of this video pokies game is a whopping 82 500 coins and helping you achieve such financial heights are Stacked Wilds, Free Spins, Scatters, Growing Wilds and Cascading Reels. Rolling reels can be triggered by the Emperor of Seas symbol which will fill up an entire reel with wild symbols that could explode to award players more cash through free spins!

Eight Free Spins await those who are lucky enough to land Scatter symbols and this part of the game is bolstered by Stacked Wilds that you can earn more spins for each win. That’s all there really is too it, check Emperor of the Sea Online Video Pokies out today!