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Fire Flies Online Pokies Review

Fire Flies Online Pokies

The time of year is coming, and that means it’s the perfect opportunity to get out into nature! All types of wildlife in Fire Flies Online Pokies will keep you company on your awesome adventure.

The fun of camping can’t be replicated indoors – but with a little help from Cryptologic casino games like Fire Flies Online Pokie, we’re able to have an outdoor experience at home any day! Experience all sorts of different creatures while playing this game; so whether or not you’ve ever been outdoors before doesn’t matter as this online pokie has everything necessary for one great trip.

What could be more exciting than camping out in the wilderness with your family, waking up to a bear rummaging through all of your stuff? The vast forests created by this slots game offer new adventures for everyone and provide an opportunity to explore nature. With standard equipment such as fishing rods, bug spray, flashlights or even just a survival knife; you can get back on track easily next time if something goes wrong!

Playing Fire Flies

Fire Flies Online Pokies is a very formidable pokie with 5 reels and 25 paylines. The various winning combinations come from the Wild symbol, Scatter symbols, Multiplier and Free Spins that it offers on top of its power symbols which include the Fireflies logo as well as bonus icons.

You won’t know if you will get a Wild symbol until the reels spin. If you do, it can replicate all other symbols and give off huge rewards!

The free spin feature is initiated when the Campfire symbol appears on reels 1 and 5 simultaneously. Two things happen: you receive double what you wagered, and get rewarded with 7 free spins! Plus if your luck continues to be good during this time period, expanding wilds may show up on all of reel 2-4 which will increase your chances for a big payout.

Final Thoughts

Fire Flies Online Pokies is a great new game from Cryptologic that comes with stellar graphics and immersive gameplay. The wilds are elusive, so it’s always interesting to see what you can win on this one!