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Hitman Online Pokies Review

Hitman™ Online Video Pokies

The Hitman franchise is right up there with the Tomb Raider game series in terms of console games. The companies responsible for these popular titles continue to release new entries because when it comes to popularity, there‘s no waning from this type of gaming experience yet!

The Hitman Franchise: a Game-Lovers’ Vendetta?

There are few names that come close to being as iconic and well respected among gamer circles than “Hitman”. Donning his signature suit and tie – white gloves optional but recommended – Agent 47 travels around the globe carrying out assassinations on members of rival organizations; all while maintaining an airtight cover by leaving almost zero evidence behind…except maybe some fingerprints or blood stains if he gets hungry. This video game series has

Eidos Interactive is one of the most successful video game creators and developers around. Microgaming had a bold idea to ask Eidos if they could create an online version for their popular Tomb Raider games which allowed players from all over the world come together in competition, while earning real-life rewards! Another opportunity arose when gamers were hungry for more versions of Hitman – such as Hitman Slots; thus it came that both parties would provide what millions wanted: new content with lots of variety.

If you’re looking to take out some bad guys and make a little cash in the process, then Hitman is your game.

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Hitman: Look and Feel

Hitman Online Video Slots is a classic game that has been around since the first PlayStation console. The look of this video slot machine stays loyal to what was seen on those early versions and it looks just as impressive by today’s standards. This timeless title proves itself resistant even with time passing; most games start looking older after only one or two years, but not Hitman!

The PC game has made an impressive transition from the computer to your pocket, since if you ever feel like playing it right now then simply opt for its mobile casino counterpart.

Hitman Features

Agent 47, the world’s most feared assassin is back in Hitman! Fresh from his exploits at an asylum, Agent 47 has some targets he needs help taking out. Luckily for him you can get cool bonuses and free spins by helping him take them down.

The Insignia Bonus has been designed to offer you more bang for your bet. You can potentially win 10x with up to 18 spins coming at a 2x multiplier!