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How Do We Test New Zealand Casinos

How do We Test Our Online Casinos?

To find the best online casino, Casino Online New Zealand evaluates a number of factors. These include:

-Playability -Player Protection -Payment Methods -License and regulation

Games Selection

Now, you’re at a casino with more games than you know what to do with. But it doesn’t matter which game or company they’re from because we’ve done the research for you and here are our top picks!

We are committed to providing you with the best. Our online casinos come from award-winning game designers and trusted manufacturers who have been in business for years building a reputation that is second to none.

Welcome Bonuses

When you’re looking for a new online casino, it‘s important to know the ins and outs of their welcome bonus. A few things to be aware of are that there is no such thing as free money when playing slots; stopping at one offer won’t get you any further ahead in your quest for more winnings. The match offers usually require some sort of wagering requirement before they can be cashed out which means gamers must bet enough rounds on the games offered by an operator in order to receive cash back or other prizes from them after meeting all requirements set forth (usually 30-to-100 times). This might sound like extreme odds but with careful planning turning this into something manageable isn’t too difficult!

Industry standards dictate that bonus cash be wagered between 30 and 40 times. These are our own personal guidelines too – because they’re the best!


Security is an important topic in online casinos. That’s why we take a look at the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) component – the digital channel that allows communication between points and ensures information can’t be spied on or compromised while you’re logging into your account! For regulatory purposes, testing bodies are also very important to make sure everything’s fair for everyone who plays, so rest assured when it comes down to security here with us.

So before signing up, always go to the bottom of your screen and have a look for certain emblems or logos associated with these institutions. We take all these aspects into account along with the licencing of the online casinos that we endorse.

Withdrawal Options

When choosing an online casino, it’s important to consider the withdrawal options they offer. A good way of testing a site is by looking at what are available and how long these mechanisms take before being able to use your money you’ve won. One should also look for companies like Visa or MasterCard as signs that this company might be legitimate – anything between 1-7 days is acceptable when waiting on withdrawals with 7 being the absolute longest one can wait; sometimes up 14 business day period if there have been any suspicious transactions in their account history.

Picking out a new gambling website isn’t always easy2017 – 22 DECEMBER 2017 – FINAL.pdf”>: from bonuses offered (which could lure customers into signing up) to ease of payments which allow them access their winnings more quickly than other sites

Casino Licence

The first EU member state to offer remote gaming licenses, Malta has been graced with the opportunity of issuing a number of these licences. And it is because of this that we have chosen to punt them as well! Licences conferred by Malta Gaming Authority are often valid in many territories and so when you sign up for an online casino through us, be sure they come from there too. You can always check their regulation on our website if need-be but rest assured – anything related will not deceive or make any false representations about itself; everything’s above board here at CasinoPunt!

The majority of casinos endorsed by us hail from MGA regulated jurisdictions (Malta being one such jurisdiction) which means that all details outlay

Age of the Casino

If you are looking for a safe and professional casino, the older it is, generally the better. A good yardstick to go by would be five years or more in operation without being branded as a rogue establishment which means they have been operating professionally. However there can exceptions such as an old established casino that just goes rogue so please take caution when choosing your venue

Believe it or not age matters when deciding on what online casinos to choose from. The oldest establishments will most likely offer safer betting platforms than newer ones because their focus has always been professionalism rather than quick profits like some of these new companies popping up every day with no experience running successful gambling sites at all! Young people who decide to gamble should make sure they do ample research before

Casino Awards

Casinos are always competitive with one another, striving for the best rewards and accolades bestowed on them. One way casino operators can distinguish themselves is by winning prestigious awards and recognitions that mark a level of quality assurance to their customers. Awarding bodies such as The Canadian Council of Casino’s award winners have been recognized time after time as reliable establishments upholding high standards in services provided because they show dedication to customer satisfaction through excellence in skills training, security measures, product development management systems among others which invariably lead to better profits over the long term since these organizations were able to maintain continuous trust from its clients who continually patronize them again or refer friends / family members looking into an online casino establishment . It’s no wonder then why many people