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Top: 4 best-rated slots in the online business

Entertainment is one of the most lucrative markets today and, after the impact that the Internet and social networks have on people, it is evident that this socioeconomic relationship will continue to develop as time goes by.

Online casinos, introduced to that batch of commercial fun, represent a business that learned to adapt from the conventional to the virtual. Through a process of evolution, distribution and sale, all the software that existed and exist today, are the essential reflection of what a game room should provide to its customers.

Within the selection of casino games, it is the slots that take the best part. In the first place, because the companies have not hesitated to exploit every aspect that makes this game a financial success and favorable opinions among users.

However, the most successful web versions can be categorized and, when it comes to software managers, there are companies that stand out more than others because of their trajectory, diversity, and commitment when presenting their playful projects.

Once this is clarified, it is necessary to deepen in those companies that are leading the market and that, thanks to their work, they won the goodwill of their clients, who do not cut a hair when recommending their performance and value them as an area sure at the time of going for a bet.

What are these companies?

Although there is a wide range of titles to choose from, certain companies have immediate persuasive power over users. Call popularity or trends, the slots that belong to these developers are characterized by piercing the public.

Microgaming: The pioneer

A leader in the virtual gaming industry, this company stands out for having introduced the first slots to the web that served as an example to develop the following. Attractive, colorful and diverse themes, Microgaming has developed an extensive number of machines for the entertainment of the betting community.

This company began its interactive work in 1994. Over the years, the interface updates and new tools that they managed to carry out were titled as the leading software distributor for iGaming.

Microgaming, in its arsenal, has several games of active casinos, but it is the slots that monopolize all the attention. Each of the specialists working in this European company lends ideas and executes them to obtain as a result of a fun design, easy to understand and enviable visual effects. In particular, their progressive Jackpot slots are favorites among bettors.

As far as titles are concerned, Microgaming is the author of popular slots such as: “Batman: The Knight of the Night”, Game of Thrones -one of its most popular-, Immortal Romance and the mega-successful franchise, Mega Moolah -which figures in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Playtech: The current boom

After Microgaming, the Playtech Company, originally from the United Kingdom, holds the baton in the development of casino games. Particularly, their slot versions inspire a lot of respect and security among the game community.

The strong point of Playtech lies in the sound and visual effects, but also, and to the delight of the customer, drives the majority of bonuses that accumulate, in turn, incredible payments. In their casinos, the payment and registration methods also add points in the full service provided.

One of the most solid clients of this company is the European casino William Hill, which gathers a good number of online gamblers. It is a giant for sure and it cannot be denied. That’s why, from its slot collection worth noting is Age of the Gods – with a generous progressive jackpot – and the franchises associated with DC Comics.

His less prominent titles, but equally profitable to get credit, are shared between Buffalo Blitz, Beach Life, A Night Out, among others.

NetEnt: A superior provider

Perhaps this company does not match the other two, but because of its attractive and generous slots, it is considered a top-level distributor. Designs to the point, stories with exciting narrative and technical features make NetEnt what it is.

As far as slots are concerned, their characteristics are as fruitful as they are compelling. In fact, lies in them the quality of entertaining with their themes and awards alike. In the words of its users, its gaming programs have a very positive effect on the entire community.

How has NetEnt achieved the above? Designing dynamic software that is easy to use at the same time, captivating and admissible on several platforms at the same time, thus, experience does not decimate or lose quality when they switch from computers to mobile phones and from them to tablets, maintains uniformity in their designs and in his games.

Betfost: last but not least

Since 1999, this company develops the most fun graphics software in the entire gaming industry. And, although it is considered a veteran in the management, recently have been popularized in three-dimensional versions in different slots.

The case of Betsoft is one of the least recurrent in the industry since only a few years all of its slot machines penetrated the public with overwhelming success. This is probably due to its avant-garde graphics and exciting dynamics.

The slots that drove Betsoft were those of its “SLOT3” series, available for users of iOS devices. The reason for this is the technology used by the company to develop its graphics.

Many critics and users compare the visual area of ​​Betsoft with cinema graphics. Likewise, and thanks to its flash composition, the entire betting community has the opportunity to play their favorite slots from their browsers.

Among the most outstanding titles of Betsoft include Good Girl Bad Girl, The Exterminator, and The Slotfather, among others. All the casinos of this brand are armed with options of bonuses and interesting rewards.